The new single by Inu The Strange - Coming October 3rd  

More About The Single

Punk meets modern pop and hip hop. The chopped up drums inspired me to write about a chopped up mind. This song is written from the point of view of a predator, a priest, a sick man. Destroying every layer of his victims as he battles with feelings of regret and lust. It's a serious examination of the human mind, still maintaining soothing catchy melodies and soft synthesisers. I hope it relates to all of us, even though we are not all predators, we all have our inner battles to resolve.

More About The Artist

Inu The Strange was born out of heartbreak and failure. But luckily, when an end comes, it’s usually followed by a new beginning. We start by finding beauty in the debris. Trying to make sense out of the destruction we caused so we can turn the ugly into a new form of life.